Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know your model is 96% accurate?

For customers who opt in, we take data from their installed solar and compare to the expected results of the model. We use these learnings to incrementally improve the accuracy of our model. Our current accuracy measure stands at over 96% accurate.

Which installers do you get quotes from?

We only get quotes from MCS registered installers ensuring they have satisfied the requirements of the leading solar trade body. We have installers across the UK and where possible source local quotes for installs.

How do you make money?

If an install goes ahead we will get paid a commission from the installer. We also offer an installation service ourselves which customers can opt for. Key to this is that we recommend the right system for the customer above any financial incentives.

Can I upload my own Smart Meter data to your model?

This is a feature we are currently building. However if you get in touch at we can pull your smart meter data and upload it for you. You cannot do this yourself on the website at the moment.

Which products do you support?

Our current focus is Solar Panels and Electric Heating (Heat Pumps etc..). However we are currently optimising our models for other products such as insulation.

How do I access grants?

Our model will highlight the likely grant available to you. Once yo have chosen an installer they will talk you through how you get the government grants for your products.