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To find out how we can work together to help your customer take control of their bills and their carbon footprint, please get in touch with us at to discuss.

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Help your customers take control of their energy bills - and their carbon footprint.

Our platform helps UK homeowners go green - partnering with us can help you add value to your customer relationships. Whether you're looking for light-touch integration or a white-label solution, we'll be happy to help.

We've worked with one of the UK's largest mortgage providers to save their customers over £200,000 a year on their energy bills.

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Transistor Reform Tuple Tuple Tuple Tuple

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide invested in us in 2019, and began offering MakeMyHouseGreen to their 15 million members in 2021.

What's in it for you

Great customer reputation

We're not just a highly innovative tech company, we've always had our customers at heart. The foundation of any relationship is trust, which is why it's important for us to offer a highly accredited service.

This means that not only can you trust that you'd be offering your customers a reputable service, but that you'd be in safe hands too.

Help push your green agenda

It's not just about working with a brand that puts your customers first, you'd be offering your customers transformative change to their carbon footprint, and the ability to take control of their energy production.

We save our customers an average of 920kg of carbon, and £776 each year by helping them go green, and you could too!

Co-founders Llewellyn and Tom

Co-founders Llewellyn and Tom

What's in it for your customers

Free, accurate, and impartial

Our model is 96% accurate (which we believe to be the most accurate model developed in the world!). It's also free to use, and completely impartial. This means customers can trust that the solutions that we present them are indeed their best options.

Simple to understand information

The platform truly adds value to customers. They love being able to use a jargon-free tool that shows them how different green products would suit them and their home, and what impact they'd have on their wallets and carbon footprint.

Best Tech

Our tech is all developed in-house, which means we can fully customise our modelling to tailor to each individual's needs. Because we're able to automate our admin, we're also able to focus on the customer journey.

Customers love our intuitive platform!

Customers love our intuitive platform!

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Integrating with MakeMyHouseGreen

API or White Label

Get in touch with us at to discuss.

Integrating with MakeMyHouseGreen

API or White Label

Get in touch with us at to discuss.

What you'd get

One point of contact

You'll have a dedicated account manager who'll be there from the initial engagement through to the ongoing relationship.

Regular catch ups

KPIs will be monitored and regular catch ups will be in place to maintain the relationship to ensure both parties are benefiting from the partnership.

Partner portal

Get access to our partner portal, where you can track live signup volumes and view and download monthly commission reports.

Josh Saville

Josh is one of the members of our dedicated partnerships team

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